Rejection of UNAMA latest report on violence against journalists in the country


UNAMA announced in a report that after the regime change in Afghanistan, more than two hundred cases of violence against journalists have occurred in Afghanistan.

Abuzar Sarem Sarpoli, head of the Afghanistan Media Organization (AMO) and a member of the Media Complaints and Violations Commission while appearing on Afghanistan National TV, rejected UNAMA’s report and stated that UNAMA’s sources are not correct and its sources that in the last twenty years, using the name of a journalist in Afghanistan, pocketed huge sums of money, and on the day when the country’s journalists need support, they ran away and killed the country’s journalists and media hope.

Mr. Sarpoli admitted that there are still problems related to journalists, but he stated that the most cases of violence against journalists in the country go back to the beginning of current regime rule.

However, after the first five months of the new government in Afghanistan, the conditions for journalists and media in the country have improved to some extent with the cooperation of the government and institutions supporting the media.

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