Graduation of more than sixty people; From the short-term workshops of the Afghanistan media organization

Afghanistan media organization (AMO), during a grand gathering, attended more than sixty people from the short-term “mobile journalism” workshops, which started last week with the aim of improving the capacity of journalism students and journalists.
Maulvi Hayatullah Mohajer Farahi, deputy minister of Publication of Ministry of Information and Culture said that media and journalists are important and Islamic Emirate will do what ever is necessary for Afghan Media and Journalists. Deputy minister thanked AMO for such a programs and wanted to continue this sections.
Mr. Farahi expressed his satisfaction with the functions of the media organization of Afghanistan, stating that specialized forces are one of the main needs of the society, and stated that the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan is always in He is with the journalists of the country, he also added that Islamic Emirate is trying so that there are no more media problems in the country, and the restarting of the Commission for Media Complaints and Violations is one of the most important measures in this field.
Meanwhile; Mufti Abdul Matin, Advisor and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Information and Culture and Public Relations, thanked members of the leadership of the Federation of Organizations, Journalists and Media of Afghanistan and the leadership board of the AMO in this graduation, and Presenting the certificate, he wished the participants more success.
Mr.Matin Expressing his satisfaction with the holding of such workshops, holding these workshops is held to improve the capacity of journalists and the media family of Afghanistan, he called it useful and said that Islamic Emirate has always supported the media and journalists of the country and we hope that such workshops will be held continuously.
In this graduation ceremony Mohammad Bashir Hatef, member of the Federation of Journalists and Media, pointing out the importance of mobile journalism for journalists in Afghanistan, said: “Two issues are the most important characteristics of a journalist, the first is the speed of information and the second is accuracy, with mobile journalism a reporter can easily cover a topic and write a report.”
Mr. Hatef further announced the creation of long-term, medium-term and short-term courses by the AMO in the near future.
At the end of speech Mrs. Roqia Mohammadi and Mr. Emil Abdullah, participants of these workshops, expressing their satisfaction with the officials of the AMO for holding such educational workshops, demanded the continuation of this process.
Recently, Mr. Morteza Paya Hassani, executive head of the AMO, congratulating the students of “Mobile Journalism” on their graduation, said: “Afghanistan Media Organization is committed to providing services for the journalists of the country and is always trying to serve the media community of Afghanistan.”

Mr. Samim Frogh Faizi the teacher of mobile journalism workshop congratulate to students their graduation, He emphasised that always say right and be neutral.

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