Afghanistan Journalists Organizations and Media Federation Statement!

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful

In the past few days, rumors about the involvement of the Federation in the trip of Mr. Safiullah Tahzeeb, a permanent member and representative of the British Journalists Association to Kabul has published.

Some people by using words far from decency and collective ethics, claimed that the Federation of and Journalists organizations, in uncovering the issue of sending two hundred thousand (200,000) Euros collected in Britain and sent through the World Journalists Federation to two organizations (Azad Journalist Association and National Union of Afghanistan Journalists) has been involved.

The federation presents the following points:

1- So far, no official news has been released from the address of the Federation regarding the two hundred thousand (200,000) Euro dispute, but the news of meetings and discussion on journalist’s situation has been published.

2- Mr. Tahzeeb is still in Kabul and says that he is in daily contact with his organization, the British Journalists’ Association, and will present his observations and investigations to them. Correspondents can contact him.

3- Aid (200,000 Euros) and other aids that have been indicated in some of the claims and documents, require a clear and transparent response to the news reporters who have suffered in Afghanistan, if it should be done immediately.

4- That the Independent Journalist Association, through a statement, has requested investigation and the journalists are also asking the Federation about the issue, the Afghanistan Journalists Organizations and Media Federation has officially brought the matter to the Honorable Ministry of Information and Culture, Attorney General, British Journalist Association and to the International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders will be sent and after comprehensive investigations, the accusations and mistakes will be put to an end.

Thank you

Journalists Organizations Federation Leadership Board

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