Freedom of speech in Afghanistan is undeniable, no one can take away this rights from the people of Afghanistan

AMO Afghanistan

Even though the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have repeatedly and clearly stated that the media and journalists in the country have freedom of action, as long as they do not question the national and country’s interests; However, recently we have witnessed many times that the forces of the Islamic Emirate hinder the work of journalists and media.
Although a news notice has been published recently by the related gov organizations, regarding the presence of the media and reporters, to cover government events, but we are witnessing it, the forces of the Afghanistan current rolers prevented the presence of the media and covered the event.
The absence of the media to cover the meeting of the country’s scholars is one of the clear examples of the lack of freedom of expression in the country.
even though the relevant organization announced the return of the first Afghan Hajj caravan from Makkah, but when the journalists came, they were prevented by the forces, and as a result, these journalists could not to cover this event.
AMO believes that the country’s media is one of the most important dimensions of the society for growth and prosperity, creating obstacles in the way of the country’s media and not cooperating with journalists increases the problems of the society and the country.
Afghanistan Media Organization once again asks the officials of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to fulfill their promises and respect the freedom of expression and provide the way for the development and progress of the country.

With respect
Leadership Board of AMO

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