Eighteen interns graduate from Afghanistan Media Organization

May 16th, the Afghan Media Institute graduated18 journalists interns after completing a three-month course on journalism principles and document preparation.
the AMO has trained interns in the basics of photography, videography, and modern journalism techniques.
Sayed Del Agha Qasemi, Executive Director of the AMO, while speaking at the internship conference organized by the organization, said that the AMO is the only institution supporting journalists and media people after the new regime in the country. Other media-supporting institutions in the country have been suspended and stagnated, and it has made significant achievements in the field of supporting journalists and the media.
It is noteworthy that this is the second time that AMO has graduated dozens of boys and girls interns from its short-term training workshops on the principles of journalism and photography and filming techniques.
Finally, it should be added that the Afghanistan Media Organization has started its activities in support of journalists and media after the recent regime in the country, and in this short period of time, it has been able to fulfill its responsibility to support journalists and media effectively

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