Statement of Afghanistan Media Organization (AMO) on the latest report of Reporters Without Borders (RSF)

Unfortunately, we read a report from Reporters Without Borders that is far from the truth:
“RSF: Take immediate action to protect Afghan journalists.
Reporters Without Borders wrote a letter to Richard Bennett, the UN Special Reporter on the situation in Afghanistan, calling for immediate action to protect journalists and the freedom of the media in the country. The media freedom situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated dramatically.”

It must be acknowledged that this report is completely false and on the part of those who have abused the name of journalist and media for years, and today, whose ways of abuse have been closed, and on the other hand, twenty years of betrayal and loss of collective rights that lovingly serve the homeland and people, They had a terrible nightmare and shouted from time to time that journalists were not safe in Afghanistan and their lives were in danger.
AMO has been fully independent in protecting the rights of journalists, and doubts the claim that it is merely a matter of projecting and opening the door to abuse as a journalist and media.
We, as an independent journalism part, acknowledge that the economic problem threatens not only journalists and the media but all sectors in Afghanistan because of political, trade and investment problems, but rejects the security problem and calls on the United Nations to do so. We request that in this issue, they do their own research and investigation, and in order to improve their capacities in a reasonable way, do not listen to the words of those who seek project development and abuse.

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