AMO message to supporter of freedom of expression


Statistics show that over the past twenty years, staggering aid has been provided to Afghanistan.

The question is that after 2001, the world apparently came to support Afghanistan, these aid package was including cash and flood material, flowed into the country. The supported aids were spent in different parts of the country, but in most cases the result was below the zero.

The money that was spent on reconstruction, cultural affairs, freedom of speech and media, women’s empowerment, women’s trade, organizing civil society, but unfortunately neither yesterday nor today can be seen.

we can summarize that the main reasons that the followed aids didn’t used and spent rightly is; In the past twenty years, most of the aid that has come from abroad, including the United Nations, countries and international organizations It was apparently spent in an unrealistic, unprofessional and completely tasteful way, but in reality it was a pity and turned the masses into a mafia, trade and smuggling. For example, the aid that came to the country to strengthen freedom of expression and the press and news media was treated in a completely mafia manner and was given to those who are drowning outside the country today, and the oppressed journalist who are now in a world of trouble continues to struggle with poverty.

We hope that the United Nations, the international organizations, the countries that reach out to our country and continue to do so have to use lessons learn of the last twenty years that some have dealt with the deal and some have tasted in such a way that the poor remain in poverty to intending to seize the Afghan media community.

We must acknowledge that the Afghan media outlet has been and continues to be active in protecting the professional rights and protection of Afghan journalists, free from any affiliation. And we can assure you that with repeated calls, the misunderstandings created by biased individuals were completely eliminated and the esteemed Ministry of Information and Culture and the country’s security organs also announced their cooperation with the country’s federation. We therefore urge the United Nations, Reporters Without Borders, and all donor countries to refrain from personal conflicts of interest and personal friendships in relation to assisting the Afghan media community in coordination with the Afghanistan Media Organization (AMO), which is a legal in this situation of the country and has the first permission letter. It is active to support journalists and the media, so that effective services can be provided from the facilities that are used.

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