Statement by Afghanistan Media Organization in connection with the arrest of the director of Nourin Private TV

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26 December  2021, Kabul

Mohammad Aref Nouri, the owner of Nourin Private TV, has been arrested at his home by government forces this afternoon. The Afghan media outlet contacted Mr. Nouri’s family and asked for information on how this happened. Roman Nouri, the son of Mohammad Aref Nouri, says that his father was arrested by the forces of the Islamic Emirate at around 1:30 pm and transferred to an unknown location. According to Mr. Nouri’s family, security officials have confirmed that this was done by their forces. The Afghanistan media outlet has expressed grave concern over the arrest of Mr. Nouri and called on the authorities to provide reasons and information.
The current government should not restrict media reporting activities, as such treatment of journalists and the media community poses serious challenges to the information process.

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